Death/Believers, Overcomers, Witnesses - CD

Believers, Overcomers, Witnesses - CD

1 John 5:1–12

God’s people are identified throughout the Bible by various titles. Among them are Christians, disciples, followers, saints, sheep, salt, light, ambassadors for Christ, members of the body, a royal priesthood, aliens and strangers, servants of Christ, and the people of God—just to name a few. Like a diamond being turned under a bright light, each designation reveals yet another facet of our character, role, position, and/or privilege. Near the end of John’s letter, he introduced two additional titles: “believer” and “overcomer”. And he made readers aware of “three that testify” in full agreement regarding God’s Son (1 John 5:8). All of this deepens our understanding of what it means to be a child of God in His forever family. As we arrive at the last two verses in this section, we come to one of the clearest statements of the gospel found in all the Word of God.

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Believers, Overcomers, Witnesses