Luke/Luke: The Physician’s Opinion - CD

Luke: The Physician’s Opinion - CD

A Survey of Luke

Dr. Luke, Paul's traveling companion, was probably the only Gentile writer of any part of the New Testament. His gospel focuses on providing a complete account of the life of Jesus. Certainly, none of the other three evangelists gave us a more detailed or descriptive analysis of the Savior's birth, childhood, and manhood. The physician, writing to Greeks, revealed his own distinctiveness by (1) showing an uncommon interest in various individuals, (2) displaying an unusual emphasis on medical matters, (3) giving a prominent place to women in his account, and (4) emphasizing the humanity of our Lord during His earthly pilgrimage. As we might expect, the first-century physician was extremely careful in both his research and the documentation of his facts. Luke's keen interest in Christ's teachings provides us with a wealth of insight behind the scenes of Jesus's many parables.

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Luke: The Physician’s Opinion