Obadiah/Obadiah: Strong Warning to the Proud - CD

Obadiah: Strong Warning to the Proud - CD

A Survey of Obadiah

In that section of the Bible known as the Prophets, there are four points of interest that are interwoven together: (1) the prophet's own times—his particular situation; (2) the imminent threat of the nations' captivity by Assyria and Babylon as well as the nations' eventual restoration; (3) the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ; and (4) the literal, millennial reign of Messiah as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Obadiah's major message is related to the first two historical periods. Except in his case, Obadiah's message was not to Israel or Judah but to Edom, and there was no hope of restoration for them.

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Obadiah: Strong Warning to the Proud