Parenting/Insights on Parenting Flash Drive - FLASHDRIVE

Insights on Parenting Flash Drive - FLASHDRIVE

Guiding our kids from diapers to adulthood takes the courage of Moses and the patience of Job! How can we as parents survive, let alone thrive !

Thankfully, Insight for Living Ministries has created a flash drive resource, Insights on Parenting, that's loaded with articles, downloadable booklets, audio messages, and more.

This resource will help you to:

  • Conform your parenting style to biblical principles
  • Instill godly wisdom in your children
  • Build healthy family relationships that will last a lifetime

Yes, you can thrive as a parent!

Included on this flash drive:

MP3 Messages:

  1. Laughter, Volume 3: Chuck's Formula for Family Fun
  2. Discovering Your Child—and Yourself
  3. The Bents in Your Baby
  4. Straightening Granddad’s Bent
  5. Unpacking Our "Ancestral Baggage"
  6. Shaping the Will with Wisdom
  7. Delighting in Your Children
  8. Delightful Memories Your Children Won’t Forget
  9. When the Fun Stops for Parents
  10. Resolving Those Parent-Child Conflicts
  11. Accepting Reproof from Those Who Love Us
  12. Suggestions for Parenting Grown-Up Kids
  13. What to Do When You’ve Blown It
  14. You and Your Daughter (Part One)
  15. You and Your Daughter (Part Two)
  16. Like Father, Like Son?
  17. You and Your Son
  18. Uplifting Words for Strung Out Dads
  19. Four Qualities in a Great Dad
  20. Portrait of a Remarkable Woman
  21. Let’s Meet the Mother of Moses

Articles (PDF):

  1. A Better Way to Train Up A Child
  2. Letting Go, Looking Up
  3. Taking It Easy with Time and Touch
  4. The Three Most Powerful Words
  5. Three Tips for Your Family

Books & Booklets (PDF):

  1. Biblical Parenting Bible Companion
  2. Top Temptations Fathers Face booklet

Message Mates (PDF):

  1. Biblical Parenting
  2. Leading Your Children from Wayward to Wise
  3. The Impact of a Faithful Father
  4. The Imprint of a Faithful Mother

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