Romans/Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution, Volume 2 - CD Series

Insights on Romans: The Christian’s Constitution, Volume 2 - CD Series

Charles R. Swindoll

Romans chapters 9–16

What could be more practical than learning how to love people?

In this series of encouraging messages from Chuck Swindoll, you’ll learn what it takes to build a community of caring people, including how to grow closer in spite of conflict and how to pray for one another with wisdom and faith in God. This series on the book of Romans will broaden your understanding of God’s love for His people and stimulate your efforts to love others as He loves us.

CD Series of 22 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. Three Faces of God
  2. Straight Talk about Predestination
  3. Straight Talk about Responsibility
  4. The Jews: Forgotten or Set Aside?
  5. Unsearchable, Unfathomable, and Unmatched!
  6. A Compelling Commitment
  7. How a Renewed Mind Thinks
  8. Christianity 101
  9. Doing Right When You’ve Been Done Wrong
  10. How to Be a Godly Rebel
  11. Legal Tender and Loving Care
  12. Wake Up and Get Dressed!
  13. Putting Grace into Action
  14. Liberty on a Tightrope
  15. We Are One . . . or Are We?
  16. Encouraging Words of Affirmation
  17. Preaching and Traveling with Paul
  18. Praying with Your Whole Heart
  19. Love and Kisses
  20. Boars in God’s Vineyard
  21. Putting Down Evil, Lifting Up Friends
  22. To God, Alone, Be the Glory Forever
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Insights on Romans, Volume 2