God's Masterwork, Volume Five: God with Us—A Survey of Matthew–Acts - Classic Series - CD Series

Charles R. Swindoll

What is God’s final word to humanity?

Do you ever struggle to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together? If we think of the Old Testament as pages of promise, then how does the New Testament complete and fulfill God’s plan for us? God’s Masterwork, Volume Five: God with Us—A Survey of Matthew–Acts traces the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ, which fulfilled many of God’s messianic promises in the Old Testament.

This Insight for Living Ministries audio series introduces the flow of thought in the New Testament, explains the purpose of each gospel, and chronicles the expansion of Christ’s church in Acts.

God’s redemptive plan in the Bible culminated in the arrival of Jesus Christ—the promised Messiah. Join Chuck Swindoll as he teaches from the Gospels and the book of Acts in God’s Masterwork, Volume Five, and learn to place your hope in Christ’s redeeming work on your behalf.

CD Series of 6 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. An Important Interlude
  2. Matthew: Let’s Meet the King
  3. Mark: The Servant at Work
  4. Luke: The Physician’s Opinion
  5. John: That You May Believe
  6. Acts: Like a Mighty Army

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God's Masterwork, Vol. 5: Matthew–Acts