God's Masterwork, Volumes Five–Seven: A Survey of the New Testament - A Classic Series Set - CD Set

Charles R. Swindoll

Journey with Chuck Swindoll Through the Entire New Testament

Finally—a chance to learn how the New Testament relates to the Old Testament! God’s Masterwork, Volumes Five–Seven, which covers Matthew through Revelation, reminds us that the New Testament fulfills many of God’s Old Testament promises.

In God’s Masterwork, Volumes Five—Seven, Chuck Swindoll introduces you to every New Testament book, explaining the big picture and applying its truths to today. This series begins with the life of Christ as portrayed in the Gospels and continues in the epistles to teach believers how to live the life of Christ until He comes again.

Learn how the Old and New Testaments are like two sides of the same coin—both are necessary to understand God’s final word to humanity!

Set of 28 CDs

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God's Masterwork, Vol. Five–Seven: A Survey of the New Testament